The paddlemeasure contains two trestle, it is made of standless steel with a measeuring plade of high impact plastic and a waterproof measuring device - a verry sturdy construction that will last for many years.

The picture shows the trestle with the measuring device and the measuring plade.

Each of the trestle has a build in slit for measuring the exact length of the paddle with a tape measure. Use a tape measure without a brake then the tape will keep tight while you are adjusting.

Produced in right- and left hand control versions.

Measures feathering between 50° and 90 °


The paddlemeasure easily measures the feathering within ½ degree and the length within milimeters .


The paddle measure is so easy to use that any paddler can use it.

To make the best use of the paddlemeasure place it along with the paddles, together with a heatgun, some tape and a pair of scissors. Everyone has a chance to measure their paddle and adjust it a few degrees before they go paddling.

When they get back they can readjust it to where it was before or try with a few more degrees – from wathever they leaned from the days experince.


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