Surfing - Catching up 

When you want to catch up with another paddler, you have to paddle your way above the top of the wave his kayak makes, before you can surf it. The last few meters you paddle "uphill" until your stem tips down. You want to remain in this position, “riding the wave”

It requires extra strength catching up, but it is worth it! The effect of taking pace is perceptible at once.

If the kayak in front maintains great speed, you might be able to catch up with it, but still not have the strength to get above the wave. Then you can pull to the side while catching up and get to ride his wave further out.

The effect of surfing far form the leading kayak is not very great, however you can feel it and you know that you are on top of the situation. The effect will grow when you slowly slide up to the place next to the leading kayak. There the effect is optimal.







Catching up